Physical Description Edit

Kazimerz appears as a pretty old human male. Upper part of his head is bald and almost featureless besides small, deep seated eyes. No wrinkles, but this might be due to medical treatment surely available to the AdMech. Chest is, as with almost any Mechanicum, a labyrinth of power cables, capacitors, armor plates and blood pipes. Arms and legs look withered, but still pretty functional, may be due to hidden implants, may be due to the influence of Chaos. Kazimerz prefers to keep his vox caster shut about his past; Nevertheless, the excessive knowledge of acrheotech and faimilarity with the scare art of astromancy indicate high possibility that he comes from an Explorator fleet, probably lost due to corruption, infighting and other usual Imperial oversights, preventing those pompous incompetent parodies for a man to see the Truth,

At the moment, Kazimerz wears an old, ill-fitting guardsman flak armour and a deadly plasma gun, which proved itself just as effective in failing the bearer in crucial moment as in atomizing space marines where they stand.

Game statistics Edit

<to be continued>

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