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Act I

Soon upon arriving on the World Eaters' ship, assuming noone was hacked to pieces and bloodthisters living in the cargo holds didn't break out to wreak havoc, Kazimerz urged our now-down-to-4 team of misfits and delivered the following speech:

Gentlemen, *screech of rusty cogs*, the situation present leaves a lot to be desired. From Kora's point of view, we've failed our mission and betrayed him. The circumstances known to everyone in this room made me doubt that there was a Burning Chalice on the Asphodel, however, things Kora have seen are disappearance of strong warp-influence source from the planet, followed by catastrophe. We didn't show up and there was no possibility of restoring the contact. If we're lucky, he might consider us dead. Unfortunately, he looks like a being which won't consider his enemy dead unless he'd seen their corpses - and, as our former friend Draco proved, even that doesn't mean the threat is eliminated completely.

Kazimerz turns his head towards the Israphel:

We might assume that there are some Bat-Winged Space Marines around. There is also a possibility there are a few others who carry hellblades. I cannot proceed the accurate chance of coincidence, but, relying on the intuition, i can estimate it as extremely low. Therefore, we stand out and should Kora send his agents to seek us, Winged Marine with a hellblade will draw unnecessary attention. Mighty warriors you are, i wouldn't still bet on us matched against the Kora's vast resources.

The conclusion i'm trying to draw is that we must lay low for a while, and look for a decent opportunities to serve the Dark Gods. Considering myself - there are countless rogue tech-priests around, glorious Architect of Faith protected me from unwanted attention. Axous would not have any trouble passing for another person, as there are plenty of mercenaries around. Space marines are of rare stock and harder to mistake for someone else. However, it's mostly Israphel whose appearance should concern us. I'll do my best in order to create a proper scabbard for that divine weapon you're wielding. But you should consider steering clear of tainting it with blood of common foes. Unfortunately, i cannot see any solution to the wings problem - even if you'd have accepted amputation, power flowing through your soul will soon restore them.

Since we're on Space Marines ship, it's probably possible to acquire new suits of armor - or, at least, remodel existing ones. Furthermore, i suggest we *rusty cog* borrow a few common Legion weapons, in order to portray both of you as a perfectly average Astartes, of course, if there is such a thing as "average Astartes".

That way, we can escape all but closest scrutiny, for which our adversary is unlikely to have resources and will.